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Block VPN Users / Orders For WHMCS Untouched

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Control fraud and block users who are placing orders using proxy or VPN. Block VPN Users/Orders module allows you to block users from browsing your site over VPN/Proxy and not only that it does not let them place an order. Our module uses an extensive IP Database to check the IPs of the customers and visitors to help you control fraud. Our Database updates multiple times every day as per need. The module checks the IP using an API of our Partner. Let's have a look at some features of our module below:

  • Sitewide VPN/Proxy Alert
  • Disallow/Allow Browsing
  • Checkout Only Alert
  • Always Blocks the Orders over VPN/Proxy
  • Ability to Force allow an IP
  • Ability to change the heading and text of the alert popup in Configuration
  • Support Cloudflare Enabled sites
  • Local IP Cache Support (Avoids unnecessary API requests)
  • Ability to Delete IPs cache from Database every day (cron)
  • Regular Updates
  • Premium Support
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